Chicken Salad Supreme-choice of grilled chicken or crispy chicken.


We offer large selection of beers, wine and spirits.


Cashew Chicken

Crispy chunks of Chicken Breast topped with Oyster Sauce, roasted cashews and green onions; served with rice and egg roll.

Our Specialties

Cattleman's Burger

Fresh Black Angus Burger, BBQ Sauce, Bacon and Cheddar Cheese.

Kitchen Pass was established in 1986 in Joplin, MO by my brother and sister-in-law Mike and Marsha Pawlus.  I was there to help open the doors to the first Kitchen Pass in downtown Joplin, MO from 1986-1991. A career change led me to Parsons, KS. While working in Parsons the late Roger Moore approached me and asked if my brother Mike would like to open a KP in Parsons. The next thing I knew I was about to open a Kitchen Pass.  In 1997, we found a great location in the heart of downtown Parsons at 1711 Main Street. With the hard work of my brother, his wife and their great KP staff from Joplin, they made sure that the Parsons KP opened in style! With the great support of Parsons and surrounding communities we hoped to continue to provide great food and service for many years to come.

                                                      Dave & Carla Pawlus-owners